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Welcome to freepickswinners.com where we provide free picks, predictions and selections on all sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA basketball, NHL hockey and college football winners.

Call us directly or fill out our email form to get todays top picks completely 100% free.

Within each individual sports section of our site you will find detailed betting information, predictions, tips and handicapping articles to help you be more effective wagering on sports. The surplus of strategies freepickswinners.com offers will clearly and positively increase your chances of a higher winning percentage beating your bookie.

Handicapping Picks And Predictions

Every sports handicapping service say the have winners. The catch is you first have to pay before they prove anything to you. That is not how it works here at freepickswinners.com, we will gladly give you a free pick in any sport of your choice before we ask you to buy our picks. We can do this for you no cost because our product is the best out there.

If you are gambling on sports dont you want to have the best nfl, nba or mlb picks? Of course you do right? Well so do we and that is why we do not handicap our games ourselves, we invest our bankroll with people who are on the inside and really have information on how a game is going to be played.

Twenty years ago Charlie Wright fresh out of college walked into the Las Vegas Hilton and the legend began. Charlie a 2 sport athlete always had an ability to dissect an opponent to his advantage when he played and used this knowledge when he started his career wagering on sports.  

Spending countless hours trying to handicap Charlie realized their has to be a better way. Pooling on his various contacts he cultivated in Vegas and around the nation he began to notice that information on matchups, even the most subtle, could be the difference between cashing out or ripping up a ticket. The gathering of information on teams with the experience of knowing how Vegas pointspreads are created gave Charlie an unbeatable advantage over the Vegas books.

After 9 years of 6 and 7 figure yearly winnings Vegas marked him and monitored his wagering and style. Charlie started the aptly named Poinspreadedge.com to share his invaluable information to the public. If you are serious about winning and are a player looking to invest and profit in sports wagering call 800-526-8078 and ask for Charlie Wright Personally.


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